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Imma Boss Freestyle

2011-10-03 16:34:17 by Sir-Joinz

Look bitch I'm big shit so why would you risk it,
Aint rich shit but get this these bitches love my riches,
These pigeons I'm pitchin get caught I'm never slippin,
Plus Black Gang up in dis and aint no way we missin,
I spit shit that make beats skip like ya heart when you in some shit,
Got my hand on the mic and that's where I'm keepin it,
Bitch n***as get no plays simply cuz they sweet wit it,
Imma Boss at this rap shit it aint no fuckin secret,
Shots redden yo vision but my vision's unseen,
Heat be just like the sun when I make that thing beam,
Dat n***a talkin like a bitch and bitches always gone scream,
Removes his brains from the frame step on the gas and leave the scene,
Look at me bitch, yeah it's fuckin me bitch,
N***as talkin sideways but that aint how I sit,
You can try and bite this but I got a tight grip,
Pussy got a tight grip then you know I'll pipe it,
Picture me rollin, big ass fuckin rims,
Hard so cut up like it hit the fuckin gym,
Black Gang with no lights like all I do is sin,
Talkin bout gun play I'm like here we go again,

Imma Boss Freestyle

League Of Legends

2011-06-01 16:00:29 by Sir-Joinz =4d96c003d0d8a834495378

Rap like NO. 6

2011-04-20 13:11:38 by Sir-Joinz

I flips wigs like heads or tails,
My flow self propellant so you get left in the trail,
You hop on another n***a dick and set sail,
But you break after a minute so I guess it was tails,
Homie I am the truth,
Embodiment of the booth,
Throw his body off tha roof and tell em there go the proof,

Short One

2011-04-17 00:31:54 by Sir-Joinz

Man dis crazy life I'm living got me like yo what the fuck,
If you could see what I see you'd just keep ya eyes shut.
Half the man I'd ever be that mean you less den dat now,
A steppin stool, standin to a giant leave you underground.
First n***a done with the jumper she yellin more cock,
20's 30's 40's and 50's you gettin more den shot.

late night rap

2011-04-14 04:02:09 by Sir-Joinz

So if it came to i'd say i'm da shit,

I knock da beat out of orbit like a rocket ship,

If you dont like the verse it's a bar you musta missed,

I treat da rookies like hoes yeah i gotta tip,

Replay the story with none of the spoofs,

You see theres talent in the rap game and I be the proof,

You aint hot enough yet if you not in tha booth,

and when you start to spark a flame n***as ready to shoot,

It's like that bitch called life just been mean to the game,

Let it fuck wit ya head and dats when you go insane,

Those who really make it far got a fortified brain,

The beast and the weak man they'll never be the same,

I need paper like im tryna write down a million bars,

Razor lyrics leave you bloody with a million scars,

My handle on the mic be smoother than any car,

I'm somethin like a lazer beamin heat like a star,

I'm a war hero so I gotta swing the mace,

Too high dats ya face now ya jaw gets replaced,

Told you if you not down stay tha fuck out of my space,

Cuz tha bombs that i drop clear mass and evaporate,

The words that i spit will corrode then explode,

Time jumps leave all of my surroundings slow,

You couldnt tell im this high wit my eyes this low,

Knowing what i know i know you hope i switch da flow

It'd be a real bad if i had to get lyrical,

Bullets leave you holy, you can call da clip spiritual,

Ya body's now a token used for a sick ritual,

If the dagger don't kill you din dis poison gone get you,

This world that i live in with demons and hellspawns,

that eat a n***a soul if he shows its not strong,

I walk on a plane that the lame cant phathom,

No edges on the road so you cant grab on,

if you should fall off tryna change ya lane,

im winin but dont hate the player hate tha game,

lack a self portrait get removed from the frame,

i cast a firestorm and burn ya forces down with flame,

im just writin as im thinkin say hello to my world,

I keep meh dimonds on but cover shawty with pearls,

I see you tryna get right like ya name was earle,

Sippin as im spittin sorry ya'll for the slurrs,

On da come up for the one up like the green mushroom,

All the baracades you made best belive i bust through,

You stay face down like trap cards i don't trust you,

they call me X-man Cuz I'm mega and I'll bust you,

7ft swords so they call me the slayer,

I'ma crusader trryna venture her lair,

She said you have no stamina a new player,

I lay it on her once then I add another layer,

I can't know what you think about my music without one.
How am I supposed to know where to improve or what worked well?
All I ask is if you vote on it, leave a review.


2010-12-10 15:30:47 by Sir-Joinz

How can some people be so narrow minded.

Several Raps Of Mine

2010-12-10 07:24:55 by Sir-Joinz

Before I start, yes these are all original
and please feel free to post some as well

If it don't involve fuckin den what be da point?
It's like tryna get dumb high from smokin a joint
but if lil ma twerkin in da back of da club
after da paper plane it's da mile high club
I don't spit like i use to cuz shit be real
if im throwin up that duece boo you know how i feel
dis is real n***a can't you tell by how im in ya grill
you can chill or catch four or five shots from da steel

Blunt cracked open and the haze on the table,
I spit that crazy shit so they say I'm unstable,
I be goin in like a convict with a sentence,
and like him there was no need cuz he aint have the weapon,
shit be crazy, alot of people suffering,
that includes me & so this green what I be puffin,
mad cuz the world be,
at least I got a reason,
and shawty keep teasin so that ass I be squeezin,
I'm peter parker when it come to mary fuckin jane,
I walked up in my crib and seen mary fuckin jane,
if the dutchy aint workin then I'm on a paper plane,
whole crew fly we aint fuckin wit them lames,
if you ask me what's wrong with the rap game today,
I'd say n***a smoke dat shit lighter den grey,
fuckin up what's right and makin it wrong,
if I could save hip hop it'd be through a song,
no need to smoke another blunt cuz ya boy been gone,
my verses in yea head like n***a sing along,

we go from kush to haze,
we fuck and get paid,
n***as trip dat don't, get laid,
but fuck em anyway,
i gotta walk slow cuz my jeans still fallin,
n***as be drawlin,
pussy i be all in,
da n***a gone have to catch a rebound like spalding,
after the cross and jugglage of my balls and,
i'm mean to the beat im bully its retarded

metal slates,
yea we rollin with no brakes,
dump quick and let my bitch nina spit in ya face,
mighta been tense but fuck cuz it i'm airin dis bitch out,
shawty threw me a shout out,
face in da pillow hoe shout out,
we all know what I'm bout,
money and weed,
bitches and the things between,
and when you roll just remove the seeds,
absorbing all wisdom like a mana seed,
you a centipede, i'm a millipede,
delawhere n***a? nah it's just north east,
and da north east know for breedin da beast

Like I said you pussies fear me,
same size clip but I squeeze til its empty
all i hear is word of mouth dat n***as might get me,
see if we aint ridin out rollin wit techs b,
the industry i know be fearin me the most,
what i'm hearin on da radio be soundin like a joke,
just give me some time and any rapper i can roast,
its no boast but hand em my mic and i bet dat dey choke,
bitches call me baby some wanna have my baby,
im aimin at ya baby wit da fuckin P80,
Like you sayin shit gravy but n***a i be crazy,
I know you fear me that why theres never shit to say to me,
n***as dat spittin da shit and flippin dat brick
all know what its like like to get into some shit
where there's fear but really no other option
but to proceed wit da plan and let dat gwap fall in
snitches call da cops when back doors get kicked in
talkin bout it was four nigas in da kitchen
only reason pussy on the phone steady bitchin
cuz he aint tryin wake up to dat thang wit da clip in it
Dats fear somethin like ya death is near
My fears dat great but i don't think i could shed a tear
see this life i done live how could i have any regrets
when i have so much respect but dat be fear in a sense

Several Raps Of Mine


2010-12-08 08:59:59 by Sir-Joinz

Seems like someone is purposely giving my songs bad ratings.
Idk if it's other musicians tryna secure their rank
Or random trollers
But it's highly gay
Whoever it is really needs a life


Why do *some* rockers hate rap?

2009-05-29 01:33:26 by Sir-Joinz

I think what most people do is compare the two, those who do this are wrong. Music is music. No genre is better than the next, they both convey messages. One irks me, some beats my take 4 seconds, but Rap isn't all about the beat, it's about the lyrics, not all raps are about getting money and weed, listen to Shing02, listen to Big Daddy Kane, the time in which the music is made, doesnt remove it from the genre you can't say, oh i like classic rap like 90's. Rock has some trashy shit as well, don't just bash hip/and rap and turn a blind eye to green day and my chemical romance and stuff like that. Certain things in rap and hip hop may suck, thay suck, but your saying a whole music form sucks, your saying what the west side(coast) connection and tupac and big daddy kane and people like that worked hard to promote, not because they thought rock sucked, but because they had a love for the art form, i dont go around saying that techno sucks or video game music is trash(i like them both so dont trip) just because i like rap more, your acting pretty in mature for the fact that your are not respecting the art form, as bad a s lil wayne sucks, he is even into rock because it is a form of music(or because he wants to destroy that to). You obviously have a lack of knowledge when it comes to rap, and music.
Rap is Rhythm and Poetry(literal). And if im not mistaken, rock is the same thing. Now some people are just to narrow minded, when they think of rap, they either think of lil wayne, or some gangster with his jeans sagging and a forty in one hand and a gat in the other(meh bro just said that). Have a nice day people.

Note that those who truly hate rap/hip hop are in a part of a very small percentage. It's different to not like it in the state it's in now, but to judge it entirely just off of mainstream rap, and that only, is just plain stupid. You don't have to like it, there is some country I don't like, but I actually listen to it more now than I did when I was younger. The two genres have a lot in common(in terms of mainstream lyrics). The only sad thing I can think about rap and hip hop now is that there are some people with really great potential but are shunned because either their style is TOO original, or what they are saying doesn't appeal to the mainstream audience. It sucks, but the mainstream audience has the greatest voice, as long as they like what isn't really respected by other cultures, then they are just gonna dig ourselves into a hole. Like I said, I listen to all music, and for those who say rap isn't music, you are fools. Rhythm is all that is needed for something to be a song. I don't think I have to go any further into that. Last bit before I go, I just wanna see people with more of an open mind, not to just music, but everything. I don't like seeing someone while I'm with my friends and theyire like oh you know he listens to" ", or does" ". I think everyone would be much happier if we learned to accept everything. Just because you accept it, doesn't mean, like I said, doesn't mean you have to be like 100% THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER.

Why do *some* rockers hate rap?