Entry #18

Imma Boss Freestyle

2011-10-03 16:34:17 by Sir-Joinz

Look bitch I'm big shit so why would you risk it,
Aint rich shit but get this these bitches love my riches,
These pigeons I'm pitchin get caught I'm never slippin,
Plus Black Gang up in dis and aint no way we missin,
I spit shit that make beats skip like ya heart when you in some shit,
Got my hand on the mic and that's where I'm keepin it,
Bitch n***as get no plays simply cuz they sweet wit it,
Imma Boss at this rap shit it aint no fuckin secret,
Shots redden yo vision but my vision's unseen,
Heat be just like the sun when I make that thing beam,
Dat n***a talkin like a bitch and bitches always gone scream,
Removes his brains from the frame step on the gas and leave the scene,
Look at me bitch, yeah it's fuckin me bitch,
N***as talkin sideways but that aint how I sit,
You can try and bite this but I got a tight grip,
Pussy got a tight grip then you know I'll pipe it,
Picture me rollin, big ass fuckin rims,
Hard so cut up like it hit the fuckin gym,
Black Gang with no lights like all I do is sin,
Talkin bout gun play I'm like here we go again,

Imma Boss Freestyle


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2011-10-03 16:38:30

Smoke Weed Every day! hahah Have a good one hunn :P

Sir-Joinz responds:

Lol you know it, good day and good blunt.
I'ma roll one for you ;)